Who We Serve

Young Single Parents

BYSM targets underprivileged single-parents ages 16-30 and their dependents, primarily in the DC Metropolitan area but not limited to it.

Pregnancy is often the point at which a teenage girl shifts from being an at-risk youth to an at-risk single parent. Though now entering into adult responsibilities through motherhood, the scared, and unprepared teen/young adult requires tremendous support to navigate the unknown terrain of parenthood.  In the case where a mother abandons or is unable to care for her child, a young father will find himself quickly transitioning from the carefree days of videogames to nighttime changes and feedings.  The fortunate ones have the benefit of a loving support system, but many do not. These young parents, many of whom have not had a chance to complete their education, are among the at-risk parents BYSM seeks to help

BYSM is determined to stand in the gap and provide life-building resources for these young parents, addressing the issues that impact their present lives and positioning them to take ownership of their family’s future. 

The services provided to participants in BYSM are offered free of charge.  All that is required of the individuals seeking assistance is that they desire to enhance themselves socially, academically and economically while believing in themselves and the good of others.

BYSM realizes that not all at-risk single parents are teenagers. Women who become mothers in their twenties may experience even less support than younger moms because they are perceived to be more mature and independent. BYSM recognizes that they, too, need help, and therefore, women between the ages of 20-30 are eligible to participate in our programs.

It is our belief that by participating in the programs and services of BYSM, participants have the opportunity to become productive members of society.

At-risk Youth

The teen years (ages 13 to 19) are challenging for any young person. With the support of loving, attentive parents, involved, compassionate teachers and prayerful spiritual influences, most teens emerge from adolescence with the tools to transition successfully into adulthood.

But what about those who have been neglected by their parents? Those whose teachers feel too overworked and underpaid to emotionally invest in their students? What about those with no spiritual support?  Who will reach them…teach them…love them…believe in them? BYSM will!

BYSM will stand in the gap and provide life-building skills for these young people, addressing the issues that impact the development of their character and positioning them to take ownership of their futures.

Some of the programs offered are:

  • Mentoring & Life Coaching
  • Education & Career Counseling
  • Personal Counseling
  • Social Development Activities and Workshops
  • The Teen Café (future program)
  • “The Music in Me” Program (future program)

International Projects

In 2023, BYSM crossed the ocean to sponsor an orphanage located in Ghana (Awutu Senya District) where there are approximately 221 orphans, ranging in age, and 30 widows who help with their care while receiving support. Our goal is to help educate and equip them with skillsets that will allow them to become self-sufficient. Despite extreme poverty, these children and widows are fervent in gaining their education and work skills so that they fulfill their life’s dreams and goals.

Therefore, we are very excited about this mission and look forward to updating you with its progress.